Rising and Falling
the pure poetry of being alive

Rising and Falling is life. It’s momentum of movement keeps us alive. It is the movement of our breath, the rhythm of creativity and the dance of all relationships. It’s a wonderful movement portal of continual discovery as we notice that ongoing dance inside and around us from the micro to the macro. Attuning to it’s presence and understanding that everything rises and falls  - in a nanosecond, over an entire epoch – gives us space to listen and follow our own myriad of unfoldings.

Mastering the art of Rising and Falling paves a pathway to re-enter your sphere of presence. It grants you the ability to open or close as needed, to be fully alive, and to engage in action or relaxation according to the moment. Embracing change and exploring diverse possibilities becomes natural. This mastery unlocks the gates to creativity and can allow you to flow with energy.

The BISO map rests on the poetry that the body and all the systems that run through it - emotional, mental, imaginal and energetic  - is moving through the vast and boundless landscape of Soul. Whilst we’re here, alive and breathing we are passing through the Soul matrix in a particular, unique and evolving form – our selves. Through well crafted soundscapes and scores of exploration we open our curiosity to who and why we are through movement. In good company, living creativity and some deep joy we can continue to open pathways for our life force to open and be, offering it’s magic to the weave of Soul and presence.


BISO  - Body In Soul - is a simple, soul infused embodiment journey.

BISO has a wide movement tool kit to explore and move from, including attention to focus, breath, movement, rhythm and space, six movement portals or openings, aspects of the medicine wheel and bodyspirit – all leading to free form, creative expression in movement – it includes simple ritual and cultivating the art of acceptance. Website:  Biso | Body-In-SOul

Wanneer | When
1 - 3 November 2024

Tijd (CET) | Time:
Vrijdag:  19.00 - 21.30 
Zaterdag : 10.00am - 5 pm; Zondag: 10.00  - 4 pm
Friday: 19.00 - 21.30 
Saturday : 10.00am - 5 pm |  Sunday 10.00 am - 4 pm

Waar | Where:
Gymzaal Beukenrode Onderwijs, Beukenrodelaan 2, 3941 ZP Doorn

Inschrijven | Subscription:

Inschrijven | Subscription Workshop

Inschrijven | Subscription Friday-Evening

Extra Info | More info:
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Tijdens het inschrijven kun je een bedrag kiezen dat goed voelt:  € 205,- of € 225,- of € 245,- .
Nu betaal je een voorschot van 40 euro. Ca 1 maand voor de workshop sturen we je een factuur voor de rest van het gekozen bedrag.
Alleen Vrijdagavond  € 45,--

When registering you can choose an amount that feels right to you:  € 205.- or € 225.- or € 245,-
Now you only pay an advance of 40 euros. Approximately 1 month before the workshop you will receive an invoice to pay the
Friday evening only € 45.-


N.B. Deze workshop wordt gegeven in het Engels, Sietske is assistent en zal indien nodig voor vertaling zorgen.

N.B. This workshop is taught in English, Sietske is assistant and will provide translation if needed.