Once Upon A Time …

‘The wild joys of living
The leaping from rock to rock…
The cool silver shock of the plunge in a pool’s living waters’.

These words of the poet Robert Browning are full of innocence, joy and surprise, full of life

As experienced movement teachers there was a time when we fell for the dance, for movement, for the community and family units we entered and created together. For the sheer joy  and surprise of it…the wild delicious surprise of how good it felt even when it was rough…Before becoming a teacher, facilitator, holder of space for others.

These five days together in the beautiful surroundings of Masia Cal Pau Cruset (near Barcelona) is an invitation and opportunity to simply dance together in the company of teachers with over 5 years of experience working in the field of conscious dance. The format is simple, we dance in the morning and the afternoon. Up and down, in an open circle, free form -  whatever the person who is offering the music wants to set up. And also an opportunity to spend time together off the dance floor, talk, sleep, eat, laugh, cry, walk, read.

Sietske and Cathy will hold the first day of offering music with perhaps a light invitation or theme and off we will go. From then on everyone who turns up can put their name in a bowl to offer music for one of the sessions, so we get a smorgasbord of talent and taste to move to and with.

Once upon a time…come and join us!

Cathy Ryan and Sietske Venema


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