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PS: We have recently changed our beds to more of the type that can be separated. We have 25 beds for solo use available in 2 to 4 person bedrooms and 20 in the bunk beds , we can reach a capacipty of 52 including all sofas.

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You can find the center on the map below.

Cal Pau  Barcelona

Participants          18        6480  vega
(incl fish or meat +432)
taxi van Barca     16           800
Car rent             2+2           250
printing                               200
organizer                            500
Flying C&S                         400
others?????                        500
TOTAL                              9130

per person  (18)              507.22,-- vega
531.22,- (fish/meat)

Sound System:         YES
Hall:                      120 m2

Exclusive:  above 18 pax