Crazy Wisdom 

It takes courage to be fully in our lives and stay present with life events and emotional turmoil. This weekend is a 5Rhythms Chaos weekend. When we mention Chaos it often gives rise to feeling out of control, which can be scary. If we meet this fear of surrendering, of letting go of control, there is a possibility of receiving the gifts of this Rhythm in our bodies. The crazy thing is, when we give space for the places we fear, or the places we don’t like to go, we can receive great wisdom.

The word Chaos comes from Greek Khaos, meaning vast chasm or void. According to Greek mythology, chaos was the source out of which everything was created. Gabrielle Roth describes it as meaning “empty space or abyss… a positive space loaded with potential, free of all strictures and structures of the ordinary world.”

During the weekend we will focus on how we surrender, how we release our bodies to this powerful energy. We will explore how we let go physically with our bodies, where we feel stuck and inflexible and discover which parts are ready surrender to the dance. We will work from the physical and allow ourselves to gently open up to our deeper essence - the richness often overlooked, or buried underneath limiting beliefs and ideas about ourselves and life.

*The term Crazy Wisdom comes from the Buddhist tradition and is also found in Shamanism.

This workshop has been given in February 2018.
New dates for this workshop will follow. Please come back!

Practical Information
Sarena Wolfaard and Sietske Venema are working together in this workshop






A personal note from Sarena


We live in a crazy world, crazy because life often doesn’t make sense. But what if we have a way of accessing a deeper wisdom in our own dance to support us in our everyday life?

Crazy Wisdom is a term coined by Chögyam Trungpa. He described it as an innocent state of awareness that is wild and free, completely awake and fresh. It’s a spiritual worldview that represents thinking outside the box – moving against the stream.



Crazy wisdom is about having a free mind, one that is not held down by preconceived notions or cultural conventions. Crazy Wisdom is about living in this moment, rather than having all of our perceptions coloured by what we think about the past, the future, or our belief systems.

In the dance we have the possibility of accessing this state, our free mind. We dance deep into Chaos, the rhythm that supports us to let go into our unique crazy wisdom.

Join us for a crazy weekend of exploring Chaos and a way of finding new direction, new insight, a deeper way of being in our life.