(the norm) something that is usual, typical, or standard a standard or pattern, especially of social behavior, that is typical or expected 

In truth, as human beings living our lives, there is no normal. No normal that can be laid out ABC 123 - this is the way it all is. The trouble is that we are surrounded by a colossal and pervasive myth that there is such a thing:

A typical woman is like this, a typical man like that »normal. Being in love goes like this »normal. Being happy, satisfied, calm and collected goes like this »normal.

What about all of the atypical ways that we are? The strange, unique, not always easy or comfortable ways that we show up as from time to time or perhaps mostly?
What about the shadows we can carry…aggression, pretension, sexual shame, gender shame, jealousy, competition –to name but a few

These are ‘normal’ too in the sense that they are a part of the human canvas. Our shadows can cause a sense of toxic shame – there’s something wrong with me, no one is going to like, let alone love me if they really see who I am…
And we can shut down an essential part of ourselves, go into hiding… Limiting and damaging to our full flowering as potent, sexual, alive and distinctive unique human beings.



In this workshop we’ll take a look at The Myth of Normal around shame, sexuality and identity. We’ll explore some stereotypes, ask some questions, moving all the way with the Open Floor movement map as a guide.

A pre-requisite of at least 10 hours of Open Floor Movement is required for this workshop; or other conscious dance form.

This workshop is also a great companion to the workshops What A Shame and Libido Fundamentals.


Friday 12  - Saturday 13 - Sunday 14 July 2019

Friday:  19.00 - 21.30 (is also Open Class)
Saturday: 10.30am - 5pm
Sunday: 10.30am - 5pm

Gymzaal Beukenrode Onderwijs, Beukenrodelaan 2, 3941 ZP Doorn
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€ 175, - when booking before 17 June 2019, after this date € 190,-
€ 35,-- for Friday evening Open Class