These days in August, we will dance the 5Rhythms, be with each other and focus on what is joyful. The summer will help us with this and delicious food and the dunes of Schoorl. I have been giving this workshop for more than 20 years. Every year something magical arises that I don't even know how it comes about. Maybe because the dance connects us so directly to the flow of life that new things keep emerging? Or is it joy that everything is allowed to be there? That when you are sad, your tears are allowed to flow and when you are intensely happy, you can share that? Whatever it is, we dance in joy. It happens. We create together.

We dance the mornings and the evenings. The afternoons are free to fill in yourself: explore the dunes, go to the sea, laze around....


For whom
Everyone is welcome!

Wednesday 14 - Sunday 18 August 2024

From Wednesday 5pm, until Sunday approx. 2pm (departure after lunch).

Centre Heel en Al, Schoorl (directions)

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€625 or €650 or €675.
Price includes food and accommodation (no difference between sleeping place or tent).