'The Dance Will Always Bring Us Back to the Heart.'  Stefanie Masters

Wake up - connect - refresh

These mornings you will come together with other women and you will move from your own home.

These mornings are meant for yourself. To make time and space for a dance that invites you to wake up. To listen with gentle attention to what your body has to tell you. Movement is the basis. The physical entrance offers space to be present and to increase your liveliness and awareness in your body. What are your feelings, emotions and thoughts?

You will be guided to listen from within, to deepen this listening, to examine it and to express it with sincere expression. You are invited to move with the life that moves through you with courage, humour, softness and trust.

We are supported by a mix of resources from dance, self-compassion meditations and poetry. And of course, the music invites you to connect with your joy by moving to rock, song, R&B, classical, primal rhythms and everything in between.

Class starts at 10:00 (CET). The Zoom Room will open 15 minutes before class starts with warm up/arrival music. It is nice if you arrive early, so there is time to arrive and we can start together at 10:00. The lesson is from 10:00 - approx. 11:30. We end with a reflective closing circle of 10 minutes. This gives us some time to say hello to each other.

N.B. Instructions for the Zoom connection you will receive with the confirmation.


Voor wie | For who
Alleen voor vrouwen | Only for women
Vaste groep, met een maximum van 18 deelnemers.
De workshop gaat door bij minimaal 8 deelnemers.
Closed group, with a maximum of 18 participants.
The workshop will take place with a minimum of 8 participants.

Wanneer | When
16 - 30 jan  |  13 - 27 febr  |  12 - 26 maart

        Tijd | Time
Start om 10.00 uur tot ca 11.30
(vanaf 9.45 kun je inloggen)

Start at 10.00 until approx. 11.30
(you can log in from 9.45) Amsterdam Time

         Waar | Where
Online via Zoom. Taal: Nederlands en Engels
Je ontvangt zoom-inlogcodes voor alle data, waarmee je 15 minuten vóór de les kunt inloggen. Als er iets niet lukt met Zoom proberen we je te helpen op afstand.

Online via Zoom. Language: English and Dutch
You will receive Zoom login codes for all dates, with which you can login 15 minutes before the class. If something doesn't work with Zoom, we will try to help you remotely.

Kosten voor 6 lessen
(Bij de aanmelding kun je zelf de prijs kiezen)
€ 110    -    € 125    -   € 140
Inschrijven | Subscription
Fee for 6 classes
(you can choose the price when subscribing)

                   Heb je vragen? | Any questions?
Neem contact met ons op.  | Please contact us.