First of all: Take your time.
I know it can be exciting when you first come. I invite you to come at least 3-5 times; then you will find that the dance boosts your confidence.. And that you are increasingly able to be open to others. Take all the time, there is no rush. Go for what works for you, we are all different. Each lesson has unique possibilities.You are most welcome. If you have questions you can come to me after class or you can send me a message.

In every lesson, first: there is time to arrive. Use this time for yourself, to stretch, to look around, to find your breath, to arrive in space, to break free from the day. You may need something else every time. Warm up your body and move in a way that feels right for you.

It helps you not to talk, it helps to get out of the words. The focus is to make contact with your own body and the possibilities it has, and from there start the dance.
I coordinate through my music to support you and sometimes give some simple instructions.
The group consists of people who come every week or occasionally; so there is a difference in experience. Respect for each other and for everyone's process is important. Everyone experiences the dance in their own way.

My guidance.
Then the guidance starts: I tune in to the group and give simple instructions; sometimes a little more or very little. Generally we start with a slow build up, so that we can move more dynamically afterwards and then we end with small and silent movement.

Sometimes I will invite you for a solo dance, dancing with a partner or dancing with the whole group. If you would like to dance with someone, use your sensitivity: is he/she open to a dance with me? If you prefer not to dance with someone, or dance with someone and you want to end the dance, let them know via a simple friendly gesture.

Looking for your dance.
The starting point is that as a dancer you can move with pleasure, dancing beautiful is not important. People in the dance room may experiment with: an energetic, challenging dance or a tranquil and slow dance - that differs per dance, moment and dance partner. If you feel discomfort, it is always possible to move around in space. To a place where it feels more comfortable, and where perhaps more inspiration is available to you.
Keep your own speed and be responsible for your own body. You know your own body and your possible limitations and limits.
Be aware of the presence of others.

The music.
One of the most important pillars of the evening is music. I adapt as optimally as possible to the dancers, the rhythm, or the theme and the energy of the evening. The music I use comes from all over the world. Quiet, melodious, uplifting, everything is there! A taste of my music can be found on Mixcloud.