Do you feel the need to deepen your dance????

This is an active dance workshop. The emphasis is on moving and experiencing.  Free movement and experiential exercises are alternated with theoretical knowledge, where you can experience the workings of the autonomic nervous system at first hand. You will get a lot of new insights, exercises and tools that you can integrate into your life.

Movement has always been a familiar language for me, a way to make contact with myself and the world around me. Movement has also raised new questions and made me want to understand myself and the dynamic, complex and rich relationship between body and mind.

This passion is the motivation behind my quest as a human being, dancer, teacher and therapist. To deepen my experiences in dance and to expand my knowledge of body consciousness, I followed all kinds of related courses.  Since I came into contact with the Polyvagal theory, many pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

The poly >> what?

The Polyvagal theory is a simple model to understand the relationship between body, mind and emotion.  Its founder is Stephen Porges (USA).  The insights of this theory are also called the science of safety. Safety is the basis. The basis for feeling good (emotionally, physically and mentally). Our behaviour is often not the result of a rational choice made by the brain. They are autonomous energy flows that move in patterns with the aim of finding a balance between connection and protection. You need security to be able to connect with yourself and with the people around you.

The autonomic nervous system is the foundation on which our experience of life rests. The way in which we move through the world (approaching it, turning away from it, making connections with others or isolating ourselves) is controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

Your nervous system is shaped by events and learns on the basis of use.  You train it all day long, with every action, thought, activity, ...... unconsciously. And when we become aware of this ... we can use experiences in the present on purpose to restore the resilience in the nervous system.

The 5Rhythms and the basic knowledge of the Polyvagal theory are a wonderful combination. It is a fundamental approach that gives a deep insight into feelings, thoughts and behavioural patterns and we are able to deal with ourselves and others in a different and more nuanced way. The new insights make it possible for me to have more compassion for myself and others.

I am looking forward to sharing my insights from the point of view of the autonomic nervous system and to discovering together, to experimenting, to meeting more powerfully the challenges that belong to life.

The greatest thing about learning, in all its forms, is the ability to make our nervous system our ally, rather than our enemy.
William James

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Please note, this intensive workshop is at this moment only in Dutch available. It might change in the future.

For whom
Regular group. You can only register for the two days of a series.
Experience in 5Rhythms or other conscious dance forms is needed.

Series A: 12 June - 28 August 2021
Series B: 11 Sept - 9 Oct 2021 (a few places available)
Series C: 15/16 Jan 2022 (weekend)

Time: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Series A: Studio 3 Utrecht
Series B and C: Vrije School, Driebergen-Rijsenburg

Series A: No more spots available.

Reservation Series B
Series B: via the button you can subscribe/reserve and indicate the amount.

Reservation Series C

Series C: use the button to register/reserve and indicate the amount.

Costs for the series of 2 days
€ 140,-- | € 165,-- | € 190,--
You can choose the amount yourself when making a reservation.