Moving - venting your heart - letting your emotions flow

This Heartbeat workshop offers the opportunity to experience the energy of different emotions and to explore them with loving attention in an inspiring, playful atmosphere.

The basics of the 5Rhythms offers a solid foundation and creates space to focus on the energy of emotions, to express them and to let them go again.

We work with/from 5 basic emotions: fear - anger - sadness - joy - compassion.

Who you are is largely formed by what you feel and how you respond to it. What you like or dislike, what makes you happy or sad, what makes you ecstatic or angry, what frustrates you or what makes your blood boil.
Experiencing the emotions in a positive and healthy way is a process of getting to know your needs and desires and being true to yourself.

The word emotion comes from the word 'emovere'.  Movere means to move.

Emotions are felt in the body and they want to flow, like waves, they surge, sometimes small, sometimes larger, sometimes for a short time and sometimes for a longer time, breaking through and retreating. We learn through early experience which emotions are allowed and accepted and which are difficult, disruptive, unreasonable, etc.. From the emotional lessons, which we have learned, we create stories which then become beliefs.

For example: I must meet the expectations of others - I must be in control - I must do everything well - I must be liked.
These are beliefs that we taught ourselves because we thought they would be good for us. You could say that at certain points in life, we had to survive.

Body and mind are connected and these beliefs are ingrained in the neural networks of our brain and affect how we experience ourselves, others and the world. Repressed and trapped emotions lead to a range of distorted behaviour patterns and cause physical, emotional and psychological problems.

Recent research shows that we do not have to remain prisoners of how we are shaped by our early experiences.


We use the 'Window of Tolerance', a tool developed by Dr. Dan Siegel. It gives insight into how far our nervous system can cope with the intensity of energy. This is different for each person. One can handle more than another.

We can create new experiences to deal with our emotions differently and channel the energy, so that:

-fear is no longer the automatic, chronic reaction to feeling emotions
-we do not get stuck in our stories
-we stay closer to ourselves and what we need
-we can use the knowledge and power of emotions
-we break through ingrained patterns
-you free your vitality and your heart
-we gain better insight into ourselves

Our brain is flexible to grow and change and through new experiences we can restructure our brain.


For whom
Experience in the 5Rhythms is a prerequisite.
When there are English speaking subscribers, the workshop will be in Dutch and English

Saturday 25 September - Sunday 26 September 2021.

Saturday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Aula Vrije School, Faunalaan 250, Driebergen
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Eckhart Tolle  - 

You have a choice:
If an emotion arises, you can express it or suppress it. And it can easily be transformed if you stay present to it.
Allow yourself to experience emotion, without personalising it and without drowning in it.
Recognise it as energy.
It is energy.
And perceive it.'