Unfolding Encounters is a series of workshops with the same group. The Encounter process offers individual attention within a group and provides the opportunity to look below the surface of your life.

We are essentially fluid beings constantly changing as we breathe and move through life. Many of us are drawn to movement practices because in the dance we discover our passion, our life force and it allows us to experience ourselves at our most fluid, soulful and connected. However, faced with life’s inescapable challenges we often are struggling to connect the truth of our inner lives, with the outer worlds we inhabit and to bring it into our daily lives. We can easily become fearful that our inner darkness might be exposed and, act ...as if... Presenting ourselves in some way, hoping to be approved of, to be loved, hiding the very vulnerability which makes us “human” in the best possible sense.

When fear arises we easily lose our presence in fixed roles and seemingly solid identities and as a result we become disconnected from what is true for us. Using a combination of the Encounter group process, one-on-one feedback and smaller group work, we will investigate the patterns and themes of our lives that emerge spontaneously and inevitability from the movement of our bodies.

We use Core Movement Resources to explore and develop new skills that will support us. We take time for dancing and moving for warming-up and integration. The ability to witness each other, as well as oneself, is an essential part of Encounter. This work enables us to develop compassion and respect for the Mystery and vulnerability that connects us all.

Sietske Venema has been working in embodied movement practice for over 20 years. She is a certified 5Rhythms® and Open Floor teacher.
Sarena Wolfaard & Aileen Reid will be assisting in this workshop.

"Sietske has taken the Open Floor Encounter to heart; meeting each of her students with a depth of embodiment and a huge compassionate heart. Her attention to detail and education in the field of trauma gives her just the right tools to support and challenge you simultaneously. Her teaching is grace itself! You will walk away each time, touched, moved and alive!" - Andrea Juhan

Practical Information:

*Friday June 7  - Sunday June 9, 2019
*Friday August 30  - Sunday September 1, 2019
*Friday November 29  - Sunday December 1, 2019

Friday 7 pm to 9.30 pm
Saturday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
and Sunday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

The Restoration Yard, Wellness Centre
Dalkeith Country Park
Edinburgh, Scotland EH22 1ST

for 3 weekends: £390 full price
Early bird: £360
(if applied and paid before 1 May 2019)

Booking and more information:
To book email  Sarena Wolfaard.
You may use this link also for questions and more information.

Website: www.movetobestill.com
Please note this workshop has prerequisites: this program is by application only. Participants are required to commit to all 3 weekends. At least 20 hours of experience in conscious dance, classes and workshops.