What is Open Floor Movement
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"The art of becoming fully present, rooted, sensitive, alive & at home in our own skins - physically, emotionally, mindfully and spiritually."

Open Floor International (OFI) is a creative collaboration of dance and movement teachers from all over the world.

Most of them grew up on the dance floor with Gabrielle Roth. But the teachers have also studied many other pioneers who have been involved in movement, meditation, body-oriented psychotherapy and healing art.

The Founders of Open Floor International:

ltr: Vic Cooper, Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman, Andrea Juhan


They investigated:

Why has the practice of dance and movement around the world become so popular in the past ten years?
How and why moving is a good way to keep your body and mind healthy, no matter what type of dance?
What are the desires of healthy people that are expressed and met in dance and movement?
What are the universal principles that underlie all conscious movement? What is our common ground?
What is the common good that is generated by this simple act of collective, embodied self-expression?

These ongoing creative conversations arise in and feed the center of Open Floor International. Open Floor International develops (from this research, the creative collaboration and the shared wisdom) a lively movement meditation: Open Floor Movement.