5Rhythms Closed Group Thursday Utrecht

The 5 Rhythms® Closed Group on Thursday is a mild, beneficial lesson. The physical exertion is not (too) great, so that everyone can participate.

Each lesson starts with a warm up where we take the time to move every area of our body with attention. The teacher guides you through the 5Rhythms in which the music is an important support. Each lesson ends with a joint conclusion.

We use the 5Rhythms to relax and to find your own rhythm and balance. There is a lot of attention for keeping muscles flexible and to promote the vitality of body and mind.

This beneficial lesson is suitable for anyone who wants to keep his or her body resilient and needs a moment for themselves.

Read: What to expect.

Read more about the backgrounds of the 5Rhythms here.

For whom
For everyone from 18 to 118 years.

Two weekly on Thursday evening
Dates 2020: Two groups are going now. New groups will probably start beginning 2021

Studio 3,  Utrecht

Free parking!

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Registration is not possible. Please use this email for showing you are interested for the new groups in 2021
For safety reasons, we close the entrance door shortly after the start.


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