In Between
A BISO* conscious movement workshop with Cathy Ryan

This weekend will be a movement exploration, adventure and travel into the spaces between rising and falling, acceptance and denial, the vertical and the horizontal, black and white. This space, is a moment – a centre point, a threshold. The in-between space of neither one thing or another is, I believe, a doorway to presence, a portal to being in the now and sensing what is truly alive or awakening for us.

We will be exploring the body and soul itself, in motion, as an inherent already present and living medicine wheel. Full of information, creativity and options for being…
We will be working with the BISO conscious movement practice  - focus, attention, breath, rhythm, space, creativity and simple ritual.

 'I don’t know what the soul is. But I imagine that somehow our bodies surround what has always been.'    Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces.


*BISO - Body in Soul : This conscious movement practice is a map to align with an essence of being that is ever present and travels along the lines and ages of being human - passion, hope, love, creativity, shadow and growth. Embodiment, dance, music and community is one way of tapping into and reminding ourselves and each other of the gift of being alive...

For more details on what BISO is and the BISO facilitator training see:   Biso | Body-In-SOul

Wanneer | When
24-26 November 2023

Tijd (CET) | Time:
Vrijdag:  19.00 - 21.30 
Zaterdag : 10.00am - 5 pm; Zondag: 10.00  - 4 pm
Friday: 19.00 - 21.30 
Saturday : 10.00am - 5 pm |  Sunday 10.00 am - 4 pm

Waar | Where:
Gymzaal Beukenrode Onderwijs, Beukenrodelaan 2, 3941 ZP Doorn

Inschrijven | Subscription:
Inschrijven | Subscription Workshop
Inschrijven | Subscription Friday-Evening

Extra Info | More info:
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Tijdens het inschrijven kun je een bedrag kiezen dat goed voelt:  € 195,- of € 210,- of € 225,- .
Vrijdagavond alleen € 45,--

When registering you can choose an amount that feels right to you:  € 195.- or € 210.- or € 225,-
Friday evening only € 45.-


N.B. Deze workshop wordt gegeven in het Engels, Sietske is assistent en zal indien nodig voor vertaling zorgen.